♥ vermshere: Barclays Premier League fixtures 2013-14

Sat 17 H Aston Villa
Sat 24 A Fulham
Sat 31 H Tottenham Hotspur

Sat 14 A Sunderland
Sat 21 H Stoke City
Sat 28 A Swansea City

Sat 5 A West Bromwich Albion
Sat 19 H Norwich City
Sat 26 A Crystal Palace

Sat 2 H Liverpool

March looks like a bitch

The revolution will not be televised….

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DIY Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial from Sandra Holmbom here. Her regular every day tutorials are just as good as her amazing FX makeup I’ve posted here. Go to the link for step by step instructions with a list of products used.




TOP at Incheon going to Nagoya, Japan today June 1, 2013.

TOP, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri are heading to Nagoya, Japan to join G-Dragon “One of A Kind” solo concert as guests.

(credits as tagged: @choigosh87, @high__lite, @utopia_871104. All pics have been posted on their Twitter accounts)

Aww ToDae :3

Squeeze them titties Sergio

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what a delicious beard 

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this is me. constantly 

this is me. constantly 

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I wana touch you in really inappropriate ways 

I wana touch you in really inappropriate ways 

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You make stepping out of a car entirely too attractive